Meet Khafayah
As a wife and mother. I share the empathy of moms especially on family management and juggling the joys of motherhood. Over the last few years I have successfully coached Moms, using Islamic principles to take moms through the journey of motherhood.

My primary profession is motherhood. I work full-time as a payroll manager. I am a certified coach trained by Sheikh Muhammad Alshareef and a NLP practitioner. I have recently obtained a Masters in Business and Payroll Management.

The best moms in the world are:
• NOT the ones who sacrifice everything for their children,
• NOT the ones who are helicopter parents; and,
• Are Definitely NOT perfect!

Whilst by no means I claim to be the perfect mom, I do have a few years under my belt in family management. Helping moms to be excellent, the best they can and enjoy the journey called motherhood. I hope you’ll join me as I share what I’ve learned over the years.


Ummuka primary objective is to empower Muslim moms using Islamic principles and practical solutions to become the mom they want to be!
UMMUKA aims to provide practical solutions, by making parenting fun. Reaching out to moms through an on-line community creating a forum where moms share their experiences and be a source of inspiration for each other.

Ummuka works with moms helping them to understanding their purpose in this world. Identifying goals and mapping the vision of the future.

UMMUKA’s goal is to connect with fellow moms across the globe, sharing aspirations and visions on how to be an excellent mom, raising happy confident kids!

We can’t see the picture when we are part of the frame! That’s why I would like to be your mirror on this magnificent journey of motherhood! Inspiring Moms to be worthy of the extraordinary placement over the father by the Prophet Muhammad SAW - to the third power! This is what has given birth to UMMUKA!

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Customer Testimonials

"Masha Allah lovely advice,,i have made short notes from the post which i will stick on the walls of my room so im constantly reminded.
Jazak Allahu Khairan."
-- Umm Musa

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