Initial consultation plus 1st session
Session Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: £35


Initial consultation plus 2  sessions
Session Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: £50


Initial consultation plus 4 sessions with e-mail support and final review
Session Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: £150

I have had the pleasure alhamdulillah to get to know Khafayah, and not only that but alhamdulillah she has become a dear sister of mine and tabarakAllah I am confident that after one call you will have benefited....Just give it a try and insha'Allah you will SEE, FEEL and LOVE the difference.

Sophie - Montreal, Company name

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Customer Testimonials

"Masha Allah lovely advice,,i have made short notes from the post which i will stick on the walls of my room so im constantly reminded.
Jazak Allahu Khairan."
-- Umm Musa

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