***Ramadan Mellow Moments*** – We had left overs for suhoor!


Asalam Alaykum Dearest Moms,

We are moving onto the third day of the blessed month of Ramadan Alhamdulilah! I pray its all going to plan for you and your family.  If you are still finding your feet, it’s not to late, just start wherever you are.  You have all the resources within you to make this Ramadan the best one ever.


Our plan was to eat the leftovers from last night’s dinner for Suhoor, the intention is to free up time to focus on our short reminder and our new Ramadan Resolutions we set for the year ahead.

We barely cook in the month of Ramadan, to allow us spend more time giving ourselves an Eeman (faith) boost. We shift our focus on worshipping Allah, by increasing in spirituality. Yes, we do eat but not to our fill, neither so we plan an special meals. We just eat as we would on any normal day – it’s very crucial for the kids to understand. I am not saying don’t give them a special meal as they would have something to look forward too, we must not make food the centre of


attraction or the purpose for fasting. If anything it should be the opposite, fasting is all about self-restraint, discipline perhaps we may achieve piety as Allah azza wa jal tells us in the famous ayah of Surah Baqarah verse 183.


Some of us stuff our stomachs with food and find it difficult to perform the obligatory acts of worship with excellence (Ihsaan) so we can draw nearer to Allah SWT.

It’s family habit to set our “New Year” duas, resolutions if you like in the month of Ramadan. We know that during the night of Laylatul Qadar – the night, which is better than a Thousand months. Is when Allah azza wa jal decrees what will be happening in the world, in the coming year.  So we spend the last ten nights (odd and even) asking Allah profusely to accept our new year duas and give us what is best in our worldly matters and our hereafter. By setting our dream duas, goals, visions and well informed outcomes in our little notebooks or technological devices, we are able to keep asking Allah to it possible to attain these dreams. Also asking Him to forgive all our past, present and future sins and keep us stead fast upon the religion of Islam.

My dearest sisters, mothers, aunties, students, daughters, grandmothers, etc. If we make the worship of Allah the central point of focus in our homes, emphasising the spiritual aspects of the month I am sure you will agree with me that there will be hardly any time or room for feasting.

Complicated Confusion

I would just like to remind us again, that our main focus in the month of Ramadan should not be food.  It’s important that we share with our children what Allah demands us in this holy month, I am very concerned about how commercialised Ramadan has become! My questions to all of us are:

  • What are we role modelling to our children?
  • Are we nurturing the true meaning and purpose of Ramadan in them?
  • Are we giving Ramadan a new meaning?
  • Is Ramadan not about caring for the poor and needy?
  • Isn’t this the month the Prophet SAW was most charitable?
  • What exactly are you presenting to your children?

We have to ensure that we share with them the true meaning or Ramadan its purpose, rewards and benefits which e all connected at a spiritual level. We must not let our children lose sight of the true meaning of Ramadan,

Ramadan is not about feasting but nourishing the soul.  This is the month where with give the body a break and turn our attention to the soul.  As food is the nourishment of the body so is the remembrance and the recitation, contemplation and reflecting on the Quran food for the souls.

I will not be discussing the Fiqh issues of Ramadan, my focus will mainly be on how we can make the most of this month by doing good deed that are not to tasking and at the same enabling us to achieve our goals or vision that we have set for the month. I will be coming more from a practical point of view.

Remember the actions and deeds most beloved to Allah, are those simple deeds that are done regularly and consistently – Small and consistent.  For us Moms this is important to note and ensure we practice to avoid burn out in this blessed month.

Allah loves what is continuous, consistent and small. Alhamdulillah you have taken the first step to making a change, whatever it is for you.  This month is a training ground for us; it’s about re-training the soul, self-discipline, improving our relationship with Allah azza wa jal and His book the Quran.

Keeping it simple

The Prophet SAW also informs us that the worse vessel we can fill is the stomach.  He sallalahu alayhi wa salaam also tells us in another hadith To divide our stomach into three parts for: food, water and air.

It’s imperative we bear this in mind as we progress through the month of Ramadan, which has descended upon us.

In the run up to Ramadan I constantly hear women complaining and voicing their concerns about cooking in the kitchen! Subhanallah it has become such a big issue within our respective communities, to the extent that when Ramadan is approaching our women folk get very worried and concerned about how they will worship Allah, because a considerable amount of time is spent cooking and by the time they are done, they can barely keep their eyes open to perform the Isha prayer.   At the end of Ramadan these sisters are smothered in guilt, over how much little time they have had to perform extra acts of Ibaadah (worship) as they would have loved tooJ and they make dua that Allah spares them to the next Ramadan where they have another opportunity to make things better.

Some solutions

  • Having a family meeting before Ramadan and plan the meal times.
  • Bulk cook and freeze food to save on cooking time.
  • If you are inviting people over for Iftar cook simple nourishing filling meals – keep it simple.
  • Take it in turn to cook, get the children involved as well
  • Plan days when the whole family can have Iftar in the masjid.
  • Start a small project with the kids and spend a few evenings feeding the poor.

I have only mentioned a few, I am sure there are other solutions you can think about as well.

Let us cook and eat less and spend more time planning our Ibaadah time and re-uniting and nourishing our souls with the recitation of the Qur’an.


Upgrade your class

There are three states a believer can achieve:

  • A regular Muslim – Economy
  • A Mu’min -Premium Economy/Business class
  • A Mushin – First class.   This level is where we are told that a believer’s acts are in servitude and for the sake of Allah SWT and they worship Allah as if they see HIM.

Till we meet again, which class are you aspiring to attain in Ramadan 2015?




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